IRS Representation

IRS representation New York City

  • Are you being audited by the IRS or State Tax Department?
  • Do you have unfiled tax returns from prior years?
  • Does the IRS say you owe money when you know you don’t?
  • Is the IRS putting a levy on your bank accounts or threatening seizure of your house, car, or other assets? Or garnishment of your wages?
  • Do you need Innocent Spouse Relief from your ex’s tax debts?
  • Are penalties and interest on IRS debt more than you can pay?

Don’t Blame Yourself

If you’re behind on taxes, there are no words to express the stress and anxiety you are probably experiencing. Unfiled and/or unpaid taxes can make you feel like a black cloud is constantly hanging overhead. But the longer you wait to take action, the worse your situation will get. Eventually liens will tie up the equity in your house, your paychecks will be garnished, and the IRS will seize your assets. Let our professional CFPs help you with IRS representation, audits, or debt in New York, and stop the tax authorities before time runs out.

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Get Back on Track

Taxpayers have rights and options when dealing with the IRS. The Internal Revenue Code is a massive, complex, tangle of rules that change nearly every year. Dealing effectively with the IRS, state or local tax agencies requires specialized knowledge and experience, and your tax preparer may not be your best choice. Only tax attorneys, certified public accountants and enrolled agents are authorized to represent you before the IRS. Before we present your case to the IRS, we develop a unique negotiation strategy that fits your situation. We then cut through rules and regulations to get you back on solid financial ground as quickly as possible with IRS representation for audits or debt in New York.

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Strategies That Work

Lee Slater is an enrolled agent specially trained to represent taxpayers before the IRS. He has the knowledge and resources necessary to help you achieve the best possible outcome.

  • IRS Audits in New York are best handled by a CFP or representative with a thorough understanding of the Internal Revenue Code. Honest taxpayers often find themselves with large assessments from audits due solely to their lack of knowledge of tax law or misunderstanding of the records they should supply to prove their income and deductions.
  • Payment Plans-We’ll put a hold on all IRS collection activity, and then, based on your cash flow and personal needs, we’ll design a payment plan you’re comfortable with and negotiate with the IRS on your behalf. We’ll also help you stay up to date on all your current and future tax obligations.
  • Offer-In-Compromise If you have limited assets and a small amount of cash flow relative to your debt, our CFPs can help you lower your tax debt in New York to a fraction of what you owe. If you qualify for an Offer-in- Compromise, the IRS will evaluate your financial situation and calculate a lump sum figure that will serve as a settlement of your entire debt.
  • Penalty Abatement-You may not be aware of all your rights regarding mounting penalties on your tax debt. IRS Code contains a number of different options that allow a reduction or abatement of penalties.
  • Removal of Liens, Levies and Garnishments – IRS collection officers can remove liens, levies, and garnishments if they place an undue burden on taxpayers or under several additional circumstances. We try to protect you from IRS collection actions since they are disruptive to your life and ruin your credit.

If you are looking for relief from the IRS, give Popular Tax a call for effective New York City IRS representation.

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