Bank Card Security: Run It Debit or Credit?

One of the hidden benefits of using a credit card versus a debit card is SECURITY. And, as the Target mess showed us, the more we rely on electronic payments, the more we put our information in harm’s way. But if you ARE going to use a debit card, there’s really only one way to […]

Turbo-Charged Filing Mistakes

Did you know that we tax people sometimes joke to one another about how good these online software programs (TaxSlayer, TurboTax, TaxACT, FreeFile, etc.) are for our business? First, they are not as “easy to use” as claimed, and second … they cost you an arm and a leg. You might think they’re cheap. And on the […]

My tax time checklist

Many of you are putting together your paperwork now for your tax return. At Popular Tax, our mission is to ensure that EVERYONE saves the most possible when the IRS comes calling. Some of these may seem small, but trust me when I say that they add up. Personal Data Social Security Numbers (including spouse […]